The Future of CityWars

Behind the scenes

In today's post, we are going to chat about what has been brewing behind the scenes at Cubio, what is on the horizon for when the platform goes live, and some cool things we are working on to make your experience within Cubio as good as it can be.

Currently, our focus is on preparing the platform for Alpha to meet everybody’s expectations, which means: the code, server stability, and especially working on making assets load in faster. You are now capable of loading several thousand assets in less than a few seconds inside the game, which means faster loading screens even on big maps. For example, a 64x64 map can hold 4096 assets, so even a map this size would only take seconds. We are also working on increasing the map size limit so that our creators can make worlds that fit any ideas they may have, having 500x500 maps, and even bigger ones later.

We are working on recreating the interface so it’s easy for the user to play and create, also making the onboarding experience smoother by adding guides and tutorials. While we understand that our creation platform is a new tool that might have a bit of a learning curve for the average user. These are just a few of the many things on which we are working.

Creation mode interface Pre-Alpha

CityWars Tower Defense

A question we keep getting asked is: What is going to happen to CityWars Tower Defense once Cubio launches? We talk a lot about “Cubio this, Cubio that,” and while that is the focus, of course, it doesn't mean CityWars is going to be abandoned or forgotten. On the contrary, CityWars will continue getting updates despite the development of Cubio. For us, it's more like the game is evolving. Meaning that Tower Defense will always be visible as a part of Cubio game modes, alongside other amazing games that our creators will have made for you to explore.

Finding CityWars in Cubio will be easy!


This is our big milestone to continuously fill Cubio with a variety of different genres and game modes up to the very launch of the platform. But we understand that creating enough games is quite ambitious. That is why we leave this opportunity to the creators, who can always bring their ideas to life through our creation tools or complement the platform with a game that might be lacking.

You may have already seen some of the games we have created shared on social media. These are some concepts we have made to test the reaches and the possibilities within the blueprint system – this is how you “code” within our platform. For example, we have recreated retro games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, or some new genres like Vampire Survivors and Prop Hunt, all of which have been a good way to test the limits of this very important tool, and not only that but these are games that. For more game examples, go and visit our social media.

Some of the games you can already expect to see.


We understand that, despite the ambition of the blueprint system, it remains a complex area. Therefore, in the future, we intend to delve deeper into this topic and have more extensive discussions about it.