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Bring your own games to life with Cubio, the Sandbox Game Creation Platform using the Unity engine.

Combining cozy cubic style graphics with intuitive and collaborative tools, Cubio empowers you to shape immersive worlds, which you can share and enjoy with your friends. But that’s not all—earn money from your creations, through our revenue-share program.

Get ready to start your Cubio story!


Play around in countless worlds

Explore various experiences and discover the games that bring the most joy. Whether it’s becoming a brave knight in your own fantasy adventure, competing with your friends in thrilling races or discovering outer space and creating your very own lunar base, there’s always something new and exciting to find beyond the cubes.

Personalized Avatar

Reflect your personal style or become a whole new person by changing your character’s look, outfits, accessories or weapons. Adapt your avatar depending on the world you have chosen to explore.

Shared Experience

Have more fun in Cubio with our built-in multiplayer mode. Play with your friends or meet new people from all around the globe: create amazing worlds, go on epic adventures or clash in competitive battles.

Create Your Own Story

Design unique realms and narrate your journey. Become the writer, director, the main character in your story and reach the limits of your creativity with the help of your friends. What will your first story be?

Tools for

Whether you are an aspiring game designer, a seasoned 3D artist, or just someone who loves creating, Cubio has easy and intuitive tools ready to bring your inspirations to life.

Shape the terrain of your world and explore an expansive library, filled with more than 20,000 unique pre-made objects to assist you in your creative journey. From building fairy villages to futuristic cities, the options are limitless. And should you wish to expand your library, you can hop into Blender and make your own items to add to your world.
The easy-to-use blueprint system lets you create whatever you like—no coding required. Breathe life into your game by adding sounds and music, create cutscenes with advanced production tools and NPCs with unique routines, behaviors and dialogues. Use the built-in AI text-to-speech to change their voice and personality and enhance them further with animations that you created in Blender.

No matter what your level of experience, using the creation system you can make games of a wide variety of genres, ranging from basic pet simulations to turn-based strategy games.
Collaboratively build games, design assets and blueprints, and watch as the world transforms around you, all in real time.

Take advantage of Cubio’s Twitch and YouTube integration tools to make it even more fun for your community.
Coming soon, you can monetize your creations with Cubio. Join early and become part of an exclusive creator community and get early access to the latest tools like game monetization. This gives you a head start before the public release.


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What is Cubio?

A user-friendly sandbox game creation platform for creators and gamers alike. With an intuitive blueprint system, players can create stunning cubic-style graphics without any coding knowledge. Cubio players can also choose to create and play either solo or with other gamers, all in real-time!

Who is developing the game?

Cubio is being developed by 01Studio, a dynamic video game company based in Quebec, Canada. Founded in 2017 by Dany Gervais and Sebastien Couture, known for popular titles like Citywars Tower Defense and a Canadian Minecraft server called Citywars Minecraft.

How can I sign up for Alpha?

You can sign up to our newsletter through the website to receive more information about the game. The newsletter registration also includes a chance to get access to the Alpha.

When can I get access to the Alpha?

Although there is no exact date yet, you can register on the website for a chance to gain access to the Alpha. All of the necessary information will be in the email we send to the lucky ones who get selected.

What can I expect from the Alpha?

Players will be able to play the games that are currently on the platform. Additionally, participants will be able to freely create their own worlds with the help of our intuitive in-game tools, all without any previous coding experience. Players will also be able to export 3D assets from Blender directly into the game, allowing you to put your imagination to the test.

Will there be a Beta soon?

There is no date for a Beta right now, but you can register for our newsletter and follow Cubio social media channels to receive more information.

When will Cubio be released?

The team remains hard at work to ensure that our players are able to enjoy the best creative experience possible. Stay tuned, and we will share more details on the release timeline in the coming weeks.

What is Cubio’s business model and monetization?

We want to develop a transparent and fair business model that supports creators, letting them create and publish their own games, set up and manage in-game economies, and benefit from the success of their projects. Specifics will be unveiled in future updates, but our commitment is to make a sustainable and equitable gaming ecosystem that lets everyone, from players to creators, feel valued. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for future details!

*Monetization features are not included in the Alpha version of the game.

What is Cubio’s Content Creators Program?

Content Creators Program offers many extra features that are designed to help and support content creators, including Twitch and YouTube integration, exclusive content-related assets, getting paid for joining our affiliate program, and much more! To discover all the features and register for Content Creators Program on our HERO platform, visit!