Explaining Blueprints

Today, we will talk about Blueprints, arguably one of the most interesting systems we have, and the area’s that will help players bring their games to life. What are they anyway? Blueprints enable anyone to create functionality without the complexity of learning a programming language. In essence, the Blueprint system replaces traditional coding languages with a visual interface that allows players to do anything from making a single NPC move, talk, and interact, to crafting an entire world with gravity so low players will feel like they are flying.

Example of NPC interaction and options.

Our journey toward the Blueprint system started from the fundamental belief that not everyone needs to be able to write intricate lines of code to bring their creations to life. We sought out a solution that is accessible to all, and after experimenting with various systems, the visual scripting that the Blueprints offer was the perfect choice. Its simplicity and engaging interface made it the perfect alternative for anyone to craft functionalities effortlessly.

With that, we will look to continually expand the system's reach and complexity while preserving its user-friendly nature. We want to continuously add new nodes and exponentially broaden the possibilities for crafting unique content. Our aim is to ensure everyone can use all the different features and functionalities, so all creators can more effectively achieve their goals.  

In a nutshell, this system lets your imagination run loose; It's what makes Cubio an amazing space to turn your creative visions into reality. From making chess pieces float and move like a live-action board to creating pets that follow you around and that you can interact with, clean, feed, and much more, the possibilities are endless. The best part about it all, is that once the system is in everyone’s hands and they start sharing feedback, we’ll actively use those inputs and ideas to consistently improve and add features.

Horse movement on a chess map in Cubio!

The simplicity itself shines as the most impressive aspect of the Blueprints. Crafting content becomes an intuitive process, so much so that we often opt to directly embed new commands within the Blueprint instead of hardcoding them into the game. It's funny how we created this tool to help players and creators, and only afterward realized how much better it was for us too, giving us more assurance that this was a great idea.

Both players and creators will love the Blueprint system because it's easy for everyone to use. Understanding and replicating designs become simple tasks. Being able to explore others' work, understand how it works, and add parts you want helps you learn faster and create things more quickly. The system even allows for more than one person to edit a single Blueprint at the same time, collaboratively.

Here is something simple to do in the Blueprint system that turns into this cool idea inside the game:

Our team has already been surprised by how smartly staff members are using the system. Seeing how creative and clever people are with this tool is really exciting for us. We're really looking forward to all the unexpected and creative ways people will use it, showcasing just how amazing the tool we've given them really is.