Cubio Game Jams

We're thrilled to announce that Cubio will be hosting regular game jams! But what exactly is a game jam?

It's an exciting event where creators come together to build unique worlds within a set time frame. Until the end date, participants can submit their worlds, and the community gets to see who created the most amazing and innovative experiences. It's a thrilling race against time, fueled by creativity and collaboration and since Cubio is a new platform, we want to give creators enough time to learn and explore the platform before participating in our weeks long game jams. This will give everyone plenty of time to create exactly what they envisioned.

Every game jam in Cubio will have multiple themes that guide the creation process. This means that each will bring a fresh and unique challenge, pushing your creativity to new heights. You'll never know what's coming next, be prepared to think outside the box and bring your most imaginative ideas to life!

Themes are great for creativity!

One of the best things about Cubio game jams is that they're open to everyone on the platform. There are no minimum requirements, no previous experience needed, meaning you can jump right in and start building. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone has the chance to showcase their skills, learn, and grow.

These events will be happening regularly, giving plenty of opportunities to participate and win. You can look forward to monthly jams starting in our alpha phase, and did we mention the prize money? That's right, each game jam will have prize pool attached, giving you even more reason to put your best effort and create something truly spectacular.

This is a fantastic way for both new and experienced creators to find their place within our creation platform. Whether you're just starting out or have been building worlds for a while, these events offer a chance to be recognized and rewarded for your hard work. It's a celebration of creativity and innovation, providing a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

We believe in rewarding the effort and creativity of our community. The goal of our game jams is to help creators not only start but also continue and improve their journey with our platform. By participating in these events, you'll not only have the chance to win prizes but also to develop your skills, receive feedback, and connect with other creators. It's all about growing together and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in game creation.

We can‘t wait for everyone to have their hands on our platform and see what amazing worlds you can create!